Skillset and Final evaluations


The skillset document discusses the language skill the student will acquire in a given grade. The document also provides the minimum age required for each grade. Below is the link to the skillset of the current academic year.

ITA places students in a grade based on their age and Tamil skill. To assess the student’s Tamil skill, ITA gives an age appropriate evaluation test. To take an evaluation test for a grade the student is expected to have mastered the language skill for the previous grade. For example, to take evaluation test for grade 3, the student must be 9 years by the cutoff date and should have mastered the skills listed for Grade 2.


Final Evaluations

Assessment is an important element of curriculum design and alignment as this is where teachers and students get to see the fruits of their labour .

Students are required to take an evaluation to identify the skills that they possess.This helps in the following.

  • Ensure that the students have learnt the skills that they would have learnt through ITA.
  • Ability to grasp the skills that they are required to learn in the next year
  • Create a homogeneous skillset in the class students.

Below is the document which details about our final evaluation.

Final Evaluation.pdf

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