Welcome to Semmozhi Tamil School

Registered Charity Number : 1190538

A big hearty welcome to Semmozhi Tamil school home page. We have been teaching Tamil language to children in Manchester since 2017. At Semmozhi Tamil School we conduct language classes for children who are interested in learning Tamil. We help them to read, write and speak our rich language and most importantly we strive to pass on our bountiful heritage to the next generation.

Enrolment into our school is closed for this academic year. Click Admissions for more information regarding submission of interest to join our school.

To know more about our school updates and announcements, please read our Newsletter

We always encourage our students to focus on spoken Tamil. Click Online learning for more information.

We are committed to promote Tamil to the children living in Northwest U.K. The school shall be managed and administered by a framework comprising of the trustees and working committee elected in accordance with our constitution.Principal and Vice-principal will co-opt as trustees during their term in office.

 Please click School Calendar for the list of term dates /test days and school holidays for this academic year. The text book, exercise book, handwriting book and a note book will be given to your child on the first day of the new academic year.

Language is an important component of our culture and serves as a chain between members of our community who share the same linguistic heritage.

As much as we love to work hard, we also love to have fun.

Volunteers generously give their time to make our Tamizh class run smoothly. We would like to acknowledge this selfless effort of these individuals and thank them from the bottom of our heart because dedicated hearts like them are not so easy to find.It takes a special person to be so generous and kind.